one of my very good friends got her first boyfriend at the end of last year, i didnt really know the kid so i was like whatever she's happy. and then i didnt see her much during the summer because im always working or lounging by the pool. so school starts and i notice that she is wearing a lot of makeup now, the girl is beautiful...blonde you know the type, essentially the exact opposite of me but she switched from brown eyeliner to black and added lots o lip gloss and i was like whatever its a faze, then they broke up and she was totally different. but it wasnt a bad different she had a lot more confidence. but then the confidence was too much confidence. a few months ago she stopped catching rides with me to school and wouldnt answer my IMs, we havent spoken in forever so i guess thats another friendship down, which leaves me with like i dont even want to calculate. im just sad, i could really use a good friend right now especially a female friend because the gay best friend just isnt cutting it on the comprehension level of my horrible situation. so yeah my head hurts

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