My really, very life threatning day

Today, a horrid snow band hit my town. It consisted of blowing non-stop snow and very slipperly scary roads (I've driven in snowy roads a lot, but even I was scared shitless pretty much haha). I was driving home with my friend as usual, when we came to a stand still and saw cars with their emergency lights on. We assumed that an accident had happened, although at the time we thought a car had only slid into the ditch, which isn't good, but it's not hours worth of stopping traffic. We ended up sitting there for about forty five minutes as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances went by. It was when the ambulance came that we figured, someone was really in trouble. After sitting and talking to my friend behind me for quite a while, the police made everyone turn around and go a different way. Keep in mind, it was snowing heavily and one side of the road was blocked. It took about fifteen minutes to get on the highway (we had to go through the stop light and stuff). We then began our journey to another fairly dangerous twisty highway which was an alternate road to our houses. This journey was not for the faint of heart. On our way, a car in front of us went crazy after they accidently jerked the steering wheel. Thankfully they were able to come to a complete stop and pull to the side of the road. There were moments when I could feel my car floating atop the road. And then, a fed-ex truck almost hit us when it turned and it's back end started to slide and fish tail right towards us. Thankfully, it was able to correct itself in time. There was definently an OMG moment however. Finally my friend and I arrived safely at home two hours later. It was verrry scary. Oh but wait the funs not over yet! At five o'clock my power went off. It didn't come on until 8:30. So that was lovely. It turns out that two cars were invovled in the accident, one person died, the other seriously injured. So I'm thankful to be home and am glad i'm not driving right now. UH

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Comment by Samantha Bean on February 11, 2008 at 4:53pm
that was seriously a very large OMG moment. i thought i was gonna DIE. for serious.

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