4:37 PM: Ok, time for another random blog since I didn't have theater today...hmm. Wow, i really don't know what to blog about today!

4:45 PM: I think i have finally thought of something to blog about! The Breaking Dawn Release party that me and some friends are trying to coordinate at the library we go to :3 Good thing is that they're both here at my house! I think we are going to try and think up games, trivia, things to make, contests, food, etc...

*Homemade T-shirt
*Prom Dress-up
*Character Look-Alike


*Who Said This?
*What Book is this From?
*Fun Facts (General Category)
*Playlist Songs

*(Craft) Bracelets (string and beads...maybe charms?)
*Constant String of Stephenie Meyer Videos
*Spend the night at the library

5:05 I have finished the blog of randomness :P Well, is we think of anything else that belongs on here, i shall update it! DFTBA and have a good day.

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Comment by Rachel on February 15, 2008 at 3:11pm
I happen to be one of those friends helping to plan this :]

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