TITLE EXPLANATION: Me and my sister do random things when nobody is watching. Well, she has been carrying around her new Sims2 Expansion Pack and decided to walk into the living room and throw it on the couch like a frisby. That didn't end well with me.I happened to be on the couch, facing the door, when she came in. She didn't see me. Guess how this is going to end...She used some amount of her attention span to know she was in the room and that the couch was to the right of her but not all was used since i was literally 4 feet away. She took one step in the room and threw her arm outwards with the box in hand.....which followed through to --not leave her hand but-- connect with the part of my nose directly between my eyes. Where it connected started to bleed but not realizing what had happened except for the fact that some kind of force hit me in the face....i started laughing uncontrollably and tears ran down my eyes from laughing so hard. I went to the bathroom, then discovering it was bleeding, wiped away the blood and water. Sad to say, I have a slight skin problem and my sister told me "At least it blends in..." Which...sad to say is true and i laughed at her and smacked her.

I also learned that i can unfocus my right eye a little bit when i'm close enough to something O___o

ALSO~> Me and My sister printed out a ton of sheet music!!!! Songs include...

I'm With You
Pink Panther Theme
A Thousand Miles
100 years
Mad World
Unchained Melody
Bad Day
Listen To Your Heart
The Scientist
Walking in Memphis
Because of You
In The End
Bring me to Life
Lucky Day

Hope you had a day as interesting as mine! DFTBA!

*Oh and my nose may bruise.....maybe.

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Comment by Rachel on February 29, 2008 at 8:05pm
that's not good, when you start having random nose bleeds then you have to worry....
Comment by Jacy on February 29, 2008 at 5:28pm
not my fault. i blame you for blending in with the couch. and i had not been carrying it around, i sawed it open with a knife and then threw it. -_-"
Comment by Nina on February 29, 2008 at 5:25pm
lol nice Sid sounds like a fun fun moment

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