Bad Nerdfighter (This is probably gonna be long)

I am a very naughty nerdfighter. I haven't added to my blog in way too long. I did finish an Abundance of Katherines and I am about halfway through the Hobbit. My boyfriend finally completed book 1. I also started reading some books by Mauren Johnson and have started *Slaughter House 5* for the Blurbing Book Club. My county seat library is heaven.

Moving on:
I had my school's Cotillion yesterday. Dresses. Suits. Corsages. Enough flash photography to blind you. Nevertheless, it was pretty fun. The actually did a decent job of turning our dining hall into China Town. Balloon dragons and all.

About Doctor Who:
I was going to blog all about Series 4, but then I typed it all up in a discussion post (Page 2 of 'Doctor Who
Nerdfighters' if you're interested) It's quite lengthy.

Religiously following Fiveawesomeguys. This little Monkey <3's Tired Sleepystein. Hooray for the magic of Youtube!

Speaking of the magic that is YouTube, I might actually start vlogginig. Finally. Ihave no webcam nor a video camera, but I do have a digital camera that can take good video, so I will use that. When I get around to it. Yep.

That's about it, so back to homework!

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Comment by LAly on March 3, 2008 at 3:47pm
I haven't heard of anyone having a cotillion in forever! Do you live in the South?

Hope you got your homework done .. and some sleep.

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