I finally entered the Blurbing Book Club! (AND FIREFLY!!!)

So I never managed to get a hold of a copy of Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes, but I *did* read Slaughterhouse-5!!! I just entered the book club with a regular and a lolbook. My regular was kind of bad, but I like my lolbook. I put them in the forum, but I'll put them here for anyone interested.
Time isn't linear for Billy.
Everybody dies.
So it goes.

and lolbook!:

Can you believe I hadn't watched Firefly before now?!? My dad owns all the DVDs and the movie, and I do love *all sci-fi (except Flash Gordon *shudder*), but I guess I never bothered. But one day I sat down, watched the pilot and didn't leave the couch till I'd finished the first two discs worth of episodes. I am slowly becoming a Firefly fan equal to that of my Doctor I recently got a tin whistle too, so I'm learning to play the theme song and the Ballad of Jayne. And I'm going to make his hat. And I adore Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. Particularly when they're together. They're hilarious even in real life. Alright, enough about that for today, but I assure it will come up again. DFTBA

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