the realization struck me in the face. The sky was bluer than I had seen it all year, there were white clouds dotting the horizon like cottonballs, instead of the grey clouds filled with gloom and lethargia we have been seeing so often these past few months. The temperature was bearable, and my mind was a complete blank. The day when I notice all of these symptoms of the inevitable springtime I previously hated so much is now a blessing, cherished and beloved. School is finally almost coming to a close, to be followed only by days of lounging at the pool, being fanned with palm tree branches, hand fed grapes and provided sunscreen by gorgeous slivers of manhood. I suppose this would be the teensiest bit overambitious of me to suppose this summer would be exactly like this ( I can feed myself a grape, thank you) but I have high hopes. To fully participate in this momentous occasion I decided to sit on my front porch doing nothing but staring into space, contemplating the vastness of the universe. I couldn't help but notice that while I am a good swimmer and the thought of getting into water earlier this year excites me, that Global Warming is fast approaching our planet. And as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE water, that would in fact be a miserable way to go. Most of our continents would be covered by water, at least at the shore, and our entire community of homo sapiens could be in danger. Although I am most definitely NOT an environmentalist or health advocate, I personally do not want to be 95 years old buying SPF 5, 000 for my grandkids because the ozone layer's a doiley and the entire human race is bursting into flames. The fact that we are too lazy to look on the back label of an aerosol can, especially when it happens to be one we use each and every morning to secure our hair with, or conserve paper, all to save our seemingly dying planet, signals a BIG problem. As Ally said: life, in my opinion, has officially gone down the shitter. Of course our scientists are probably already "on the verge" of finding a solution to our little dilemma by using some crazy aerodynamically prudent radioactive-resistant form of fabrication for houses of the future, but still, as we can help prevent these emergency plans to be put into affect, why shouldn't we? Now, I AM aware, that the fact that my first journal entry is on Global Warming, yes, makes me seem like a bit of a loserface and YES, makes me seem like an insanely environmentally involved mental-institution-treated person who has just stepped off the woozy-express and read the homey sign: Welcome to sanity, but quite contrary, I could give a flying.... you know what.. about the environment or even the future of the world or how much SPF 5,000 will cost to buy in the future, I am merely commenting in mystified wonderment on the state of bullshit in the world today. People going on in life without at least TRYING to help find a solution to the problem and just sitting around TALKING about Global Warming is, in my opinion, much the same as pre-meditated murder. Except it is technically murder and suicide, murder of about 6,397,064,960 people on this supposedly wondrous green planet. If I woke up tomorrow morning, water-logged, on a boat in the middle of nowhere and my electronics wouldn't work they had so many water-induced glitches in them, I would officially go insane. If the boat was full of my friends who are surely destined to be unforgivable lushes, that would be a different story, but more than likely it would be with my insanely overprotective psychotic family, my mother being a soccer mom and my dad being a Baba beast, minus the friends part. (helpful hint, go to urban dictionary for most of my slang definitions.) Anyhoo, as I sat here on my steps outside watching this magnificent sunset fall across our jagged mountainous horizon, the thought of loosing the simple pleasure of poolside lounging and before my due time, especially because of the stupid intolerable selfish tendencies of modern human beings quite frankly inserts upon my consciousness the yearning to hurl. If this is not proof of the horrid tendencies of human beings and does not tie in quite nicely with Allyson's piece on the bullshit of the world, I am at a loss of which genre to place it in.

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Comment by Josh Smtih on August 21, 2010 at 11:39pm
well at least you wont have to be doing the sun screen buying. they make cloths with spf protection now.

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