78.Instant politician kit
Tired of just being silly for family and friends? Be your gnomy self for the home kingdom! This kit contains everything you need to join these elite ranks!. The kit contains the following:
1. Flag pin: Prove your patriotism to your country, and demean everyone elses! Just wear this pin, and reference it often, and anyone that does not have it, ask them loudly why they hate their country.
2. Common sense remover: This is a set of instructions and a magical scalpel to remove this troubling part of your mind, takes out consciences as well, a must!
3. "How to pin the blame on others for dummies": this book tells you everything you need to know to claim everyone else dropped the ball before it got to you, and in fact you were never in the same zip code as the ball
4. 8" apple pie: its as (fill in your country here). great for campaign rallies
5. blackmail investigators. These people will look into the past of everyone you know so you can blackmail them into not revealing the secrets they know about you!

With this, you to can be powerful and respected!

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