My Graduation was really fun for these (very long) reasons:

1. our valedictorian made the best, worst speech ever. He started talking about how God was punnishing San Diego with the wild fires because of gay marriage and abortion. basically everyone knows brian and knows that he was joking and was actually making fun of the people who think like that. Everyone except the parents that is, and the people who will be writing about our graduation in the newspaper. (my mom knew he was joking and thought it was hilarious, as did all the other students.)
Then he started talking about playing Super Smash Brothers and how thats all him and his friend Lucy did durring those times. in the end it did have a point, a great point, but throughout his speech all you could see were the teachers shifting uncomfortably in their seats and my teacher urging the principal to pull his mike. it was the most amusing speech i have ever heard in my life.

2. every time someone said 2008 the whole senior class would shout "you know!" i didnt think that it was that funny untill i realized how many times people put 2008 in their speeches. the teachers were annoyed but didnt say anything. the students who were giving speaches knew and put in extra 2008s into their speeches and paused to give us time to say it. thats when it became really funny,

3. i got to see my family. i spent most of the day with my mom, who was taking pictures of my brother and sister and me. some were so awesome! i said that i looked like a witch so i got a broom and we did jumping shots. she cought all of the pics on the first shot.

4. the choir and band sucked! we secretly laughed at them, which makes every event that much funnier.

5. AHHHHH READ THIS ONE! chris dressed up like Harry Potter and nick dressed up like someone from Ravenclaw (no one in particular)

6. we went to my friends house and talked around the fire for hours. a lot of my friends are going away so it was nice to just talk for a while.

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Comment by Demi on August 5, 2008 at 3:25pm
HA fun. I love the hp people, I'm officially doing that at my graduation, because I am a copier. I love you and I'll see you tonight =]
Comment by LAly on May 31, 2008 at 5:00pm
I really hope someone recorded that speech! It sounds awesome..... and congratulations!

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