School photos today... I reallly hate school photos... Sure I've never been the prettiest girl in the world but I like to think I'm decent looking, but school photos always seemt to be able to bring out the ugliest side of everybody.

I haven't had a decent school photo since I was 8 and you could still just get away with, "Awwwww looking how cute you look in your little uniform". I think it's the photographers aim to get through evey one as fast as possible and not really care about the quality of the pictures... in my last 2 school photos my eyes have been half closed... Ohhh welll... It dosn't really matter I don't know anyone who can look ok in school photos.

Anyway other than that things are good... can't wait untill the new Dr Who comes out!



Oh and to the Scotts... Happy Burns Night! My familys part scottish so my parents are having haggis for tea... yeah you can leave me out of that if you want...

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Comment by Sydney on January 25, 2011 at 2:53pm

Well I hope your school photos are better next year but like you said, they make everybody look bad lol but ur not alone cuz I hate them too

Comment by Natalie H on January 25, 2011 at 2:29pm

Saw your blog post after reading "I reallly hate school photos"

You're not alone ;)


Yay Scots! I actually don't mind Haggis, though my Scottish Father thinks different haha

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