Ok, so this is my second blog. I am writing this cause the last one was success enough and i am bored. Yes i do do these blogs daily, but at varying times. I am going to use this blog to tell a little about myself and a little of my past.

I was born in America(Abilene,Texas the capitol of boredomville). i lived there till we had some family troubles and had to move to a lot of different countries. I have lived in Germany, Russia, Canada, and Japan All of them fun and all of them had their own little adventures and stories. But to share them all would take to long so i'm just going to not talk about them. I am going to school to become a graphics designer. If i am typing in short sentences and not writing that well, forgive me i am tired. But anyways, I decided to become a blogger when i saw some blogs and thought,'i could do that.' Well i can and am so here i am nerdfighters. I was gonna write more i really was but i really am tired so im just going to keep it at what i have now. Stay cool and DFTBA!

I am going to add a quote of the day type thing so if you have a good one and want me to use it just post it in the comments and i will surely read them. 

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Comment by Alaska Is Beautiful on March 21, 2012 at 11:10pm

I like your quote of the day idea. So here's a quote: "Believe--It is our best defense." by Obert Skye

What does that quote mean to YOU?

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