Dear 7 year old me.
I know you're living in a pretty good place right now, but next year you will move away from Regina to a small town that you only visited a couple time with your grandparents. I know you're feeling very sad, but this is for the best.

You're going to be meeting new people that don't know much about you and you wont fit in very well, but give it time and you'll make some really good friends. You're eventually going to meet a girl who comes to your door and ask to hang out. When you do, don't get attached. Just be friends with her, a relationship with her will only have tons of awkward moments and ruin any chance of being friends with her in the future. You are going to have lots of problems with finding the right girl. You're going to come across several one day daters and week daters. Do not be discouraged by all this you will find the right one soon enough.

During middle school you're going to have to take some counseling at the school, ya it may seem like a cool idea to get out of class, but this gets you absolutely no where and only becomes a nuisance. When asked the first time if you want to have another session, say no.

In school develop a thick skin because you aren't going to be all that popular and people are going to tease you. The sooner you learn to not care what people think the better.

In 2006 you're going to discover Youtube and when you do decide to join, Please, i repeat, PLEASE pick a better user name. You are super creative and can do better, take your time on deciding.

When you go to that Theory of a Deadman Concert at the Regina Exhibition walk around the park and look for a girl with long hair named Jill Yanke. She is a really awesome person and you will be happy you met her. You will meet up with her again at Take 24 if you miss your chance.

While you are on Youtube in 2007 look for a channel called vlogbrothers. This discovery will change your life, you will meet people who make you feel wanted and you will find your place where you can feel at home. When you meet these people and are chatting DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT say outloud "Here this is my phone number" your mom will overhear and completely freak out.

During your life don't be afraid to be yourself, have fun and don't let other people stop you. You are going to have an awesome life, enjoy it. I will meet up with you when the time is right.

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Comment by Jenny Lind on January 31, 2009 at 3:57pm
Regina .... Go Riders:)

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