I get a whole blog, all to my very own self? How awesome! (I hereby vow, pursuant to the Nerdfighter Code Subsection B12, to fill this blog with rampant and unmitigated awesomeness.)

So I want to talk about something awesome that's happened to me this year, my senior year of college: I've stopped being afraid of my peers.

I wasn't ever really afraid of my peers, not in any way that would qualify as legitimate social anxiety or anything. I just tend to be sensitive to boundaries and hierarchies, and not crossing them when I perceive them (and perceive them to be legitimate). As a kid who's young for my grade, I was always kind of intimidated by a lot of other college kids, who I always assumed were older and therefore mystically wiser than me.

Guess what? They're not. I know that now, and it is awesome.

I speak up at social gatherings now. I've joined clubs, and I'm going to actually make friends in them because I'm not afraid to randomly talk to people. (My inability to shut up about Doctor Who might drive people away, but if it does then I wouldn't want to be friends with those people anyway, right?)

(Speaking of Doctor Who, the finale tomorrow is going to be RIDONCULOUS to the 27th degree. I'm excited.)


Finding Nerdfighteria has also helped me to be bolder in my interactions with people, since I've learned that there's this huge awesome community of unabashed nerds out there, and any person I strike up a conversation with might secretly be a Nerdfighter, and if that happened then it would just be the best thing ever. So, John and Hank and Nerdfighers: thanks for reminding me to be awesome (just in time for Rosh Hashanah, no less). I'd forgotten for a long time, and I'm working on bringing the awesome back into my life. It's going to be a nerdtastic senior year.

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