An Excerpt from my dystopian novel "Mechanical Memories

The following is all based off the memories of machines. Machines aren’t known to lie.
Several centuries ago there was the Confederate Colonies of Earth, the CCE. The CCE had been around for many years and did so by rarely governing its domain. It was an advisor to colonies that didn’t want to have anything to do with each other.

Society had been preserved in the aforementioned colonies. The colonies resided under sheltering domes and large pavilions made of whatever molecular materials that could be mustered, most often those shields were made of carbon nanotubes- light-absorbing material with great strength.

Man traveled roads made to last. The roads ran through tunnels made of molecular materials that were augmented with diamonds, on roads made in the fashion. ATKTs were the primary means of transportations. They were custom-built things made of the perpetual meta-material. An ATKT was distinguished by its meta-material armor, cozy hub, and multiple sources of fuel (at least one had to be a renewable resource; not precious). Most importantly, it needed cyber operations so that it could be controlled and if necessary energized mentally.

There was no war. It had been made obsolete.

There was no currency. The CCE and its colonies had agreed that monetary systems of the normal sort had failed the last world order. All ideas of currency were eradicated.

The world bartered with one another and set values based off of self-worth (as funny as this sounds it did have high prospects). The world of colonies lived under the mantra “If you’re are worthy, you’ll be wonderful.” Everyone believed in the idea that the length of one’s wealth should, in literal terms, reflect an individual’s fiscal; a “mental-physical fiscal,” as it came to be known. Surely you find this silly, but I’m sure that when the next generations read about you, they’ll be as puzzled and tickled as you are now.

Suppose that a man wanted to stay at an inn. The man would give identification; finite, such as, blood. Depending on the man’s deserts, the man could stay or take his business elsewhere.

For those wondering how such a system of life was sustained, you must understand the world of science that was in existence. This was a time when science and humanity was trying to evolve from a time when man aspired to turn fiction into reality.

Averting the feared rule of the new technology, man became the new technology .An everyday person was intellectually augmented with cyber cells - stem cells with reconstructed nucleuses that were hybrids of technology. They endowed the cybernized people with telekinetic powers over artificial intelligence and neuro-remote-controlled machines, telepathy, and a membership to the virtual world of Somnus.

Minute-by-minute records were taken of every cybernized person’s life from cybernization to death. Every memory was instilled in a virtual memory bank known as Chronos.

The cyber cells were consequential. They invaded privacy, and one was always at risk of being trespassed or hacked; taken over by someone else: mental a absorption.

The cyber cells, for better or worse, were helpful in understanding the cyber brain culture today.

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