Today, i went to school again, and i walked today. When i got there i had English (2nd period) which all we did was discuss A tale of two cities. nothing to exciting. Then after class i sold Mrs. Borisoff a ticket to my Big Show for hula. Then i had break which i did nothing. Then I had art, and i was all worried that i would get in trouble for turning in a project late cause i was slightly preoccupied during break and couldnt finish, but i finished the project in class any way so it didnt matter. Then in class i sold Mrs. Jara a ticket to my show and i think she wants her daughter to dance which i am very excited about. Then i had lunch which i actually ate today, and did nothing except talk about what i am going to wear to the Legendary black light dance this friday which has a Tokyo theme. I think im gonna do my hair and makeup super intense, and then wear this red and white kimono with a band top and black spandex,and just tie the kimono up all trampy.. Then I had Algebra two and Miss Taylor switched our seats (thank god) and taught a really easy boring lesson about probability. It was okay. then i had study skills and with my BFFFFFF anthony, and billy, and amanda, and that wierd kid dallas who i think likes me. And yeah. it was so fun i go to school for that class its amazing. I tried to sell Miss Balis tickets but she didnt know her schedule and she didnt have her wallet. But oh well. at least i sold two tickets. Then i walked home from school and i got my brother to drive me to Borders and i got two books. I got Specials (the trilogy to Uglies & pretties), and i got an abundance of Katherines. Im super excited to read them. Then when i went home i couldnt find my phone. turned out i left it at borders and some creepy random man had it. So we went back and he gave it to the people at the register. thank god. then i went home and worked on some english homework and yeah. it was pretty exciting [not]. then i watched american idol. I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!! he did so good. OH YEAH. my sister has been taken off all the pain medication! yay and they think that she will be put at the top of the Lung transplant list at UCLA yay. and my family is buying a house a little closer to my school ish even though i live really close to my school. and the house has a jacuzzi! yay. thats about it. I just took a shower and i think im gonna go read some. then go to bed, i will write tomorrow :] <3333 <3333

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