So i was going to make my first blog about the three things i do. Geeking out, Freaking out, and well I can't remember the last one.

When I Geek Out, I tend to get absurdly excited about something that is not exactly standard things to be excited about. Things like Jane Austen and Underwater Archeology. Usually, i start talking really fast and my voice gets all serious, cause i am so into this thing, whatever it happens to be. It can be kind of embarrassing, actually, cause usually the people i am around aren't nearly as in to this thing as i am... and they don't always appreciate my enthusiasm (which is a good book, by the way, by Jane Shulman I think. It's a YA about this girl who's best friend is an Enthusiast. It's cutesy.)

The other thing I do is Freak Out. So when something happens that is completely horrible, or scary or stressing, or just plain ridiculous (in a bad way) I tend to Freak Out. I'll still start talking faster, but i'll also furrow my eyebrows and looks scared. If i am Freaking Out, it's probably because something happened that scared me, such as a really creepy guy asking me if I was "goin with anybody" when i was alone at a diner one time for my lunch break. That was really freaky, thus, I kinda slightly freaked out.

i can't remember the other thing i do. that is, i remember, but i can't remember what i called it when i thought i was being brilliant. I know it's not passing out, cause I've never done that. And it's not making out cause, nope never done that either... : ( I have been kissed though, so don't feel too sorry for me. I mean, if you want to, you can, but not for that reason, necessarily. It wasn't Getting Out, cause that's not exactly a thing you do that has to do with your personality...

OH WAIT!!!! I REMEMBER! Wigging Out. and by wigging out i don't mean an actual wig. I mean... well i don't know what wigging out really is. But for me, it's when something really exciting happens and I am super stoked about it and then, like the other times, i'll start to talk really fast (one of the ways you can tell i am experiencing an intense/interesting emotion is that i talk really fast... except when i'm being especially thoughtful, then i probably won't talk at all). So when i'm wigging out it can be good or bad, but in general it's good. It happens when i'm rushing to get somewhere exciting, or trying to hurry to get something done, and don't have enough time (which is going to happen this weekend as i study for three midterms and write a paper)

So yeah. Those are the highlights of me I guess.

My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, I like all kinds of music, and I like to use the British spellings of words.

So yeah.

Have a good one,

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