Feb. 19- Went to Wise's BBQ with my sister for lunch.
Feb. 20- Went and hung out at the Cabin with the guys.
Feb. 21- I slept in till like 1.
Feb. 22- Ran up to Columbia in the morning for some Me time.
Feb. 23- Played Magic the Gathering against James and Logan at the library.
Feb. 24- Played Dragon Age.
Feb. 25-Played Mass Effect 2.

Well this weeks blog is a little late because last night I was at a birthday party for one fo the girls my sister had in colorguard and Alli and Heather made her birthday cake. And when I got home it was 11:30 something and I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. So here I am after church and eating lunch with the fam writing the blog. This week I am doing my bucket list. I know I am only 18 why the hell am I writing a bucket list now. Well my answer is it is never too early to plan your future. These are in no particular order.

1) Become a K-9 officer.
2) Get married.
3) Travel over seas to Ireland, England, Italy, and Germany.
4) Travel at least the eastern states.
5) Go to the Wonderful World of Harry Potter in Orlando.
6) Go to a Harry Potter confrence.
7) Go to a Doctor Who confrence.
8) Have a/multiplye kid(s).
9) Eat at all the Rush's.
10) Meet my two favorite authors J.K. Rowling and John Green.
11) Go on a cruise.
12) Go back to Disneyworld.
13) Enjoy life.
14) Get stronger in my faith.
15) Learn how to cook better.

Well folks thats this week's blog.

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