Blog 9 July 15, 2011 A strange beach day.

Dear Simone,

I had an interesting day today. We were going to the beach today so we packedup and head out. Once we got to the house we waited for Kate and Lydia to come. then when they  arrived we went to the beach where the waves were huge! so huge i got really winded as they kept knocking me under and i couldn't go swimming anymore so i spent the day on a nice rock in the sun watching my cousins swim.


At one point or another i fell a sleep on that warm rock in the sun and had a dream. I was looking for Voldemort and Bellatrix to join them. but this was after they died. i was looking for the in the state that cedric ended up in, sparkly vampires.


I found them and they were awesome. Even as riduculessly powered sparkly vampires they were terrifyingly eviland amazing. They killed edward and bella (swan) and jacob. The they let me join them.


Later i was aloud to play with a plastic baseball bat..


I think i forgot to put up a blog yesterday so i'll tell you about that now. 


not much happened until the afternoon when i went with the middle schoolers because a constuction site was bothering me. one kid was plaing witha stick and we were all being very distractable. we were looking out on to the bay and there was a pile of rocks that we were discussing. then were were told to right i story about the rocks. then when were leaving i found a tennis ball and named it Megan.


Also i saw a four shop compound with odd names.

one shop bore the name "Emely" on it

and two of the other ones had "Apollos" or "Apolos" on them

weird right?


your best friend and partner in crime,


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