What can be said, truly? Mankind seems hell bent on buggering the other half of itself. Gods and devils only know the reasoning behind this recent attack; at this point however, does it even matter? We can speculate, gossip and have a little rumour here and there. But will that help the people who were attacked, hurt or killed by this senseless attack? For that is what this is truly, a senseless, pointless attack. 

I'm not even going to speculate on how many were harmed, or killed. It's far too early to throw out would-be misinformation. Though, with that said there are people hurt. People dead. Makes it all a little too real for people I'd imagine. I can't help but reflect on the difference between this Boston attack and the likes that are seen all across the Middle East. In regard to loss of life, the city of Boston should count itself lucky in the sense that the death toll hasn't reached the portion of Iraq attacks. This is something - however so small - they can be thankful for. Even a tragedy has a silver lining. 

Now, we could jump to conclusions. Blame one group or another, blame some random odd faith. Hell, allow us to throw a country and an entire people under the bus! Sarcasm obviously, but even with the country being so emotional in this wounded state, even with - I'd imagine - mounting anger against whoever committed this heinous crime; everyone must keep a level head to clearly see through the smoke. 

If not, we risk the chance that innocents will be targeted, harmed and killed like these poor people in Boston. Now also, there comes the risk of demonizing whatever group of people that is connected to the individuals, who are responsible for this disgraceful disregard for innocent life. It's easy enough to create the you-and-them divide, it's how our countries managed to rage war, rape and pillage against each other for centuries. 

The divide has quicker fallen in the past decades. The internet, planes, steam engines, it's changed our ability to empathic with our foreign neighbours. This new informal approach to one-another quicker falters and recedes when our loved ones are put in harms way. There are voices damning this and that. Him and her. All before facts are solid, before we have all the information needed to make a proper judgement that isn't itself faulty. 

This is where we need to be careful. 

For the loss of life here will have no meaning, if any random person can be flung under a noose during a witch hunt. An innocent life for an innocent life just dirties all the hands involved. There is no such thing as collateral damage. Just poor, innocent life cut short. What's the saying, an eye for an eye? 

If you want to comment and get a response from myself, feel free to do so. 

If you want to argue some of the points I've raised, by all means. But keep it civil.

With that said, there's only one last thing to say...


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Comment by Mobeen on April 17, 2013 at 11:58am

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Comment by Mobeen on April 17, 2013 at 10:18am

:D I always enjoy our discussions! And btw Your grammar > my grammar.

So, yeah, I am worried that Muslims will once again be blamed. No doubt I know it's going to be worse than the 9/11 aftershock. However, I'm actually just hoping that they don't tell us who actually did it. It's going to cause chaos for someone no matter what.

Comment by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on April 16, 2013 at 9:00pm

I always enjoy your stuff Mobeen, and since I haven't a tumblr myself - hold the rotten fruit folks -, reckon I'll just quote the bits I can respond to here.

Reaction example #1: Yo, man, watch it be one of those dirty ass Muzlims.
Me: Okay, number one: learn to spell. Number 2: Our asses are quite clean. We're extremely sanitary since we perform wudu 5 times a day. Number 3: The media hasn't even come close to that sort of conclusion so, why are you? If it were Taliban or anyone up that ally the bomber would have killed himself (so, there would be no search) OR the group would have claimed responsibility by now. 

This pretty much speaks for itself. Idiots will be idiots. 

Reaction example #2: OmG now, everyone is going to blame it on Muslims.We never catch a break!
Me: NO ONE MENTIONED "MUSLIM" YET SO SHUT UP. Stop victimizing yourself and don't let some uneducated 14 year old on a computer upset you. 
Well, to put it into a wee bit of context. After 9/11, Muslim communities were attacked in the states. Their freedom of religion is questioned near enough every time by some uneducated fool. When that fool in Norway attacked that camp, the likes of Faux news blamed it on Muslims. Whilst yes, people should be able to rise above this sort of stuff, when a propaganda station like Fox starts spurting such filth off, it creates a far bigger and greater problem.
Hell, just recently one of the reporters from that station of scum tweeted off all Muslims should die or be killed. So yeah, I'd be a wee bit worried if my group was on the receiving end of the blame as well. 
Reaction example #3: Yo, this happens every day in Syria. America always be complaining.
Me: Okay, it probably does happen everyday in other countries. Does that really mean these losses, don't count? I think people forget that America (along with other countries) is still very young (we're in our terrible twos so, yes, we do complain a lot), we are far from perfection. Don't make one death seem like nothing. That's not right. It's up to you to feel for every tragedy. It's up to you to be a bigger person. If you are so neutral about something so horrible, then, what makes you so different from the monster that caused this?
Well. Like in article, I pointed out that in comparison to this attack, Boston got off very lucky. In the sense of loss of life. On the same day. Iraqi cities were bombed, resulting in thirty six dead and two hundred injured. Does this lessen the loss of life? No, what is lost is gone, it's awful, sad and tragic in its own right. But even then, lucky that the destruction to Human life didn't spread even further than what it did. 
Does America have a right to complain. Damn straight, but with that in mind. It might be hoped, that people become more empathic towards their fellow Humans who've gone through such a hard time. No matter their country, colour or faith that binds them. Suffering is suffering, no matter how you paint the picture. 
And since you're ending was simply bonnie. I'll end this response with this quote.
PS: if me grammar is off, tis four in the morning here in Scotland xD
Unfortunately, we are joined together during tragedy, because we pray together but, we also pull further apart so much, by our hurt and confused feelings. 
Regardless, I have hope. For humanity, for the world. 
It's our job to overcome this. It's our job to leave behind a legacy of peace and I believe we have the potential to do so.
If you are one of those who believes in unity then, God Bless You.
If you are one of ones that doesn't then, may God help you.
Comment by Mobeen on April 16, 2013 at 10:02am

I actually did a post about the reactions I saw... on Twitter >.>  

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