anyone want to be my friend because the ones i have at school are mean.

im not a normal nerdfighter the only thing that makes me nerdy is all the things i want to do and that i am compleatly obsessed with Dr. Who. the thing i want to do are things like make a lego model, become a gamerer, be able to understand physics and chemistry, enjoy reading the clasic books and stuff like that but i dont know if i ever will do any of those. legos might be the one i accualy do . but in fact im a steriotypical teenager with all their problems plus some and some more elevated.

on the plus side i won my lacross game and my friends at church love me for me.

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Comment by CJ Appletree on May 7, 2012 at 9:06pm
Well, you're looking for a hug? *takes gigantic breath*
On the other hand, I think Gage is a pretty awesome name. And yay for Doctor Who fans!
I would love to be your friend.
Comment by Nikita Zara on April 4, 2012 at 8:44pm

Friends? Aww I shall be your friend! *assumes valiant pose* 
hehehe don't be down =) If people don't like you, quite frankly, they are just missing out =)


Comment by Marie-Alice on April 4, 2012 at 9:16am

Don't be so sad :) ! This will pass.  I have been trough it just like you (all the troubles with friends, wishes...)and now, I am really well !You're seeing everything on the "dark side" :) .

Be positive !  You think you're nerdy only because you love Dr. Who ? Well, it is a good thing no ? And you are nerdy also because you're here :D . Don't forget that ;)

About what you want to do, you will do it one day ! If you want to enjoy reading classic books, there isn't a thousand way to do it : read them ! Pick one that you find intresting and enjoy ! It may be imposing at first, but I'm sure you will appreciate it more and more :) (I can only advice you on that since It what I do all day long...) . Also, you are young ! You have your whole life to do these things so don't depresse because of that ! Finally, even if you're friends at school are mean, you have one friend that love you for who you are ! And that's already great ! 

I hope my message didn't bother you (if it is the case, I deeply apologize )and that it makes you even just a little bit smiling :) 

ps : Here you have your hug <3 ! (sorry for my bad english by the way ^^. I hope that was readable). Ah ! Also... can I be your friend ? :) 

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