*Ahem* It is talk like a pir- Oh... Arrrrrgh! It be talk akin to scurvy dogs day!


We`ve nay got many buccanneer themed images this week. In fact, we be havin' none, but be that as 't may, we`ve got some great images fer ye!










You be not a foul liar, fer this does indeed kind o' look like Snape!





Arrrrrh, I be as jealous as th' next man, tho th' next man be a lass, an' a scurvy buccaneer at that!










"Ye be a buccaneer!" "Oh yes, well, you are a buccinass!"






Now we've got ourselves a fine pair of images! Chibi representations of our favorite Vlogbrothers, not including Maureen, of course.






[I really like their little glasses. :3]

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Comment by BronzeGolem on September 19, 2011 at 11:04am

Aye! That be a fine crest! A proud flag to any pirate ship!


Tis a fine day, Talk like a pirate day is, i gave the ol peg leg a shine and put on me new hook (*points to piratised avatar especially worn for the day*)

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