Hallo! Today I have been thinking about guard and how it has affected my life. If you do not know what guard is here is an explanation. Guard is the people who twirl flags with the marching band and also twirl rifles, sabres, and air blades. The color guards also do winterguard which is guard on a basketball court with modern music and no band. Also guards go to band camp too. Get the one time at band camp jokes out of your systems we never stayed over night. But we did have 8-8 days with 2 hour break in the middle for band camp. It is extremely tiring but extremely fun. I did and am doing guard for all of my four year high school carrer. Guard has defined my friends (guard or band geeks) and my social life (band parties trust me crazy). I have made good friend I will properly keep for life. So I say it has been a positive influence on my life for the most part except for ruining my innocent mind with dirty jokes but thats ok. So yeah my life has been about guard but soon I am going to college and that will change things. I hope for the better. Well thats it.



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