Contests within contests! News on the DFTBA short story contest!

For all of those who are following the DFTBA short story contest, and its continual drive to fuse together the combined awesome of charity giving and creative writing that both exist in Nerdfigteria in abundance, I have good news! The contest is expanding

1. We're on the look out for Graphic Designers, Artists, or just those who thin themselves a dab hand with photoshop or paintbrush. Why? Because we want people to design a logo for the "DFTBA Short Story Contest 2012". That's pretty much the only hard and fast rule. The logo has to contain those words. Please email your submissions to


and include "LOGO" in all caps in the subject line. For more infomation on this aspect of the contest, including the deadline, please go here

2. We're also on the look out for Nerdfighter judges. We have two and we want ten more. Please send an email outlining your qualifications for this position to


And in the email, please put "JUDGES" in all caps as the subject line. Before submitting though, please read here

Specificly section 5 about nerdfighter judges

Looking forward to recieving your submissions!

Best wishes and...DFTBA

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