So I got back home from work yesterday. Sat down in front of the telly besides my parents in order to untie ma shoelaces when I saw a tremendously brilliant story on BBC News. David Bowie has published his first song in 10 years.

David Bowie... HAS MADE A NEW SONG!!!

*sets off random firework*

So as soon as I heard the news I went into my office eager to listen to da new tune, but before I did, I set the camera rolling to get my reaction. I believe they call this format of video to be a "vlog". So this is me, vlogging!




Happy New Year to you all Nerdfightaria ^_^

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Comment by Sarah H on January 9, 2013 at 5:33pm

I don't have any...I don't know what to call it.... "realtionship" I guess? with David Bowie.  Haven't spent a lot of time listening to his music or anything.  And I mean, I can see that he is a real force in music and culture and fashion in his era, and frankly, I loved him in "Labyrinth," but do you think you can articulate what it is that you love so much about him and this song?  Obviously, you're allowed a lot of arm-waving and "I can't even" when an artist you love produces something you love, but I am genuinely curious: what is it, for you, that makes this such a great event?

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