I don't think so. What advice do YOU need? (Also, do you have any comments about my feature choices? Want less political threads and more games? Vice versa? Anything? Tell me!)

γνωθι σεαυτόν*:
Hank and Katherine Secret Videos!
Ok not really secret, but they're videos posted by Mr. (Mrs.?) Green from Hank and Katherine's wedding. I already knew about them (because I'm perfect :P) but for everyone else, watch and be amazed!

μηδέν άγαν*:
Maze Game
For the facebook nerdfighters: a maze game that I really really suck at. "Blind" in which you must wander through a maze, almost blind. Yay for nerdfighter-created games!

States Rights vs. Federalism
I actually ended up writing my final senior paper on this (though I didn't realize it until my teacher handed it back with comments) and I think it's a pretty interesting discussion (but I could be wrong).

Health Care Reform: The Canadian Point of View
Who cares what the Canadians have to say? They're not a real country anyway. (I've only ever heard Canadians say good things about their health care system, but maybe I'm just talking to the wrong Canadians?)

I'm always curious to find out what names mean. Mine means "youthful." Kinda boring.

What would you kill for (if anything)?
Another thread I think I may have featured a twin of, but it's still a valid question!

*Not just gibberish! If you can tell me what they mean (according to my former history teacher) I will give you 10 million virtual cookies ;)

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Comment by Jeff D. on September 1, 2009 at 4:28am
Don't take (all) your general classes first, take the ones for your major to figure out if you actually want to major in that. Might end up taking longer, but you'll find something you're truly interested in, which is the whole point.

And work harder than you drink. It's easier than it sounds (for most people).
Comment by Chip, A Former Ningmaster on August 30, 2009 at 4:02pm
Scribe wins 10 million virtual cookies! Yay!
I apologize for my part in your eventual virtual heart attack :(
Comment by Scribe on August 30, 2009 at 2:08pm
YAY for taking two years of Ancient Greek and studying classical literature!
γνωθι σεαυτόν = gnothi seauton "know yourself"
μηδέν άγαν = meden agan "nothing in excess"

They're famous because of being on the temple of Apollo. :)
Comment by Chip, A Former Ningmaster on August 30, 2009 at 12:14pm
Hahaha touche my worthy opponent :)
Comment by Xethian on August 30, 2009 at 7:43am
I'm guessing you don't want us to cheat so I have no idea what the greek means.
If I cheat I can tell you it means " Temet nosce "! so there...


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