School is definitely a interesting place, especially with the fights. Over stupidish things this guy had over this kid from last year. Really? A fight at school? Isn't that kid smart enough to pick a fight after school ended and not on school grounds?


Anyways,In that story I was reading in class: "The Most Dangerous Game", there is quite a lot of irony located in the book. About this guy (let's call him the General) he kills people like people hunt animals and this guy Rainsford washes up on his island (He is a accomplished hunter) and thinks that killing humans is murder. The General puts him through the Game. 3 Days in the jungle on his island without being killed. Rainsford just eventually jumps off the cliff, swims back onto shore, enters the Generals house, hides in the curtains in his bedroom, General says the game is over and then kills the General, but not in self defense. Major irony. Good story though.

Do you think that Rainsford was justified to kill the General? If he was tried in an American court what do you think he would plead and why?


DFTBA! See you whenever I post next :P



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Comment by Psychonautslog on September 3, 2011 at 8:20am
You are free to kill anyone, who wants to kill you: it's called self defense. And you can't reason with lunatics anyways...

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