So, this being my first blog ever, it took me a while to decide what to write about. Then, after careful deliberation, I decided to write about how I am a nerd and the impact it is going to have on my summer vacation in the year 2012. Well, I hope this turns out to be at least a little interesting.

   Just a few days ago, I stumbled upong some Hank and John Green videos on youtube and insantly decided that thier videos and nerdfighters website would be right for me! Listening to them provides relaxing brain stimulation that I crave when I am bored. There is nothing more I love then learning new things. I love reading, listening to interesting scientific lectures, watching movies, and playing video games from time to time.

   So, when school lets out and the wild beasts (students) are released into the wild, what shall I do with all the new time I'm given? Well being the nerd I am, I have decided to take on the challenge of reading thirty books over the summer, write a collection of essays (of which is still in the planning stages), and study vigorous math and science lectures online; all while completing an internship with the state attonrney. This challenge has been officially called:  Killer Summer Project. The typical response I get from fellow students is mixed, but they all share one common thought:  "Are you crazy?! School is out, let loose, relax, and have fun. Don't cause yourself to suffer during the best time of the year!"

   But the problem is that doing all these things is fun for me. I love doing all the things listed above. I am an advocate for education because that is what I love the most! Well, my mom and I are going to Boston for about three days and I hear it is one of the most literary cities in the United States, according to one of my college professors. I've never been there but I hope he's right because then I'll feel right at home when I get there!

   I'm still in the process of choosing the thirty books I want to read, but I do know that I'm probably going to purchase one of John Green's books over the summer and add it to my summer list. The books vary widely. I literally tried to include every genere possible. In conclusion, my habits, or as I like to refer to it as my obsession with education is certainly going to keep me busy this summer, but that is the way I enjoy it!

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