first entry - and i really hope this lame title doesn't reflect my creativity level :D

hey everyone! This is my first week on the Ning, and frankly, i am shocked. There are only 49 people online at this current moment, out of almost 22,000 ningfighters. That means that only less than half of half of one percent of the nerdfighters' ning population are currently maintaning their page. We need to get our nerds back! We need to go in and grab them away from whatever other, much more un-awesome website thier wasteing thier time on (im looking at you facebook) and make sure people don't forget about our fight against world-suck!

anyhow, lydia. Talk with me, share with me! do'nt worry, I'm a good listener too ;D

on another note, i've started les miserables, it's quite good. Granted im only in about 25 pages, but still. it's good.

So im going to a field hockey game at noon, and to the bookstore until five, so i suppose I'll update my entirely non-exsistant watchers about my life tommorow.

happy almost-summer, sunshine!

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Tags: books, bookstore, les, long, miserables, nerdfighters, participation, reading, summer


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