Okay guys, today is Halloween. For those of you who will be going out trick or treating or to parties be safe and don't forget to post pics, blogs, and discussion on the festivities you've joined in on!

Nerdfighteria "No-Shave-November" Challenge: For a Cause! Evan P. Thomas Brings us a challenge. Don't shave for a whole month. BUT WAIT there's more! It's also for a good cause. Sign up at the website listed in the post and join fellow NF's for a month of scruffy fun.

Why are you a Nerdfighter? Kim Is writing a paper on Nerdfighters and want to know why you joined. So read her post, answer her questions and learn why you and others have joined in on this awesome community.

CHARTJACKERS Migdala Vered informs us of some upstart musicians who are trying to "jack the charts" and hit #1 in the UK. I wish them the best of luck but the best part of this is that they're doing it for charity. So read the post, buy their song, enjoy good music, help people out, and be happy.

If you were a superhero Amy G asks us an age old question for nerds that I'm sure we've all heard but certainly doesn't get boring. What superheros power would you want? So join in on the fun.

Perogies SarahWasHere Wants to know what kind of weird food you like and I'm curious to hear your answers myself. Personally I like sauerkraut, sauerkraut perogies are amazing :)

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