Halloween Competition Time and a Research Project...

So All Hallows Eve is approaching… The one night of the year where creatures that go bump in the night (and I am not just talking about Itai going to the bathroom) crawl out of the woodwork and lurk in search of prey… or just candy! It is a time of merriment and spooky fun as many people across the world don costumes themed on the occult and the scary to celebrate Halloween. In the spirit of this time of year we want to see just how creative the Nerdfighter community can be!

Today we officially launch the 2012 Halloween Costume Competition! Prizes will be on offer to the best, scariest costumes! We are offering prizes from DFTBA records to the three best costumes as voted for by you guys! For more information on how to enter simply click here. A new option at the top of the page has been added for easy access to examine and vote on your favourite costumes. You have until November 3rd to get your entries in for a chance to win a prize! Please read the Terms and Conditions before submitting a photo as there are few rules involved! They can be found in full in the forum thread linked above.

So good luck to you all and let’s see who will be crowned The Scariest Nerdfighter! (again not including Itai going to the bathroom).

On an unrelated but entirely awesome note, a guy named Matt Tidby is putting together a research project and needs other Nerdfighters to participate in his research. If you want to contribute to his project (I know I will be) then head over here to check out the information where you will find a link to his Youtube channel where he will be posting his findings! That's all for now folks!

Display Frightening Terrors Before All!

Thanks for reading!
David J
(VP of Operations)

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