So, since it is homecoming week, I got hazed on Thursday. It wasn't that bad at all. We didn't drink or get high. The only bad thing was that the seniors came and got me at 2:30 AM. The only reason why my mom let me o was because she thought that the guy that was picking me up was gay (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!). HE WAS SOOO NOT GAY, IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!! Anyways, they blindfolded me and took me to a "secret" location. It wasn't really very secret because he kept on saying the names of the streets because we got lost on numerous occasions.

  When we finally got to our destination, there were already 9 other freshman there that were getting hazed with me. It was a group hazing from the theater department. They put us all together at the very center of the basement that we were in and made us mosh to a Rick Atsin (sp?) song for 25 minutes. Then they gave us shirts that said "I'm fat. Let's party." We had to wear that shirt and our pajamas from 2:30 AM to 9:30 PM. They would poke us with sticks if we weren't dancing.

  They finally ran out of thing for us to do, so we played Super Mario Smash Bros for a while. After that we went to Village Inn. The end.

   When I got to school, there were kids in much worse shape than we were (Thursday was basically hazing day). Our Dean got really mad because there were 9 of us wearing the same shirt, and he told us that we had to take them off. Small problem-- the only other shirts we had were pajama shirts and for the guys, no shirts. He asked us who hazed us and we had to cover for them or else they would get suspended.

   We were actually VERY lucky because some of the other groups had to do some stuff that I probably shouldn't talk about. Some kid got beat up and he was crying in 1st period. Another guy had to play beer pong and his seniors decided to whack the ping pong ball as hard as they could in the back of his neck. Another guy got his hair shaved, and another guy got his pits waxed, and his legs shaved after he drank a gallon of maple syrup.

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Comment by Luca Kaceem Butler Masters on September 18, 2011 at 7:40am
There are certain, fratty things one shouldn't do. Hazing is near the top of the list. Your last paragraph doesn't begin to describe what hazing can turn into and why it's banned.

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