After a rather embarrassing incident with a coffee shop employee I have concluded that hermits know best.

 Thus being I have decided to become antisocial...well more than I already am. Interacting with people is not my foray.

 From now on I will only speak in grunts, eyebrow wiggles, and hand gestures. Including textual communication of course. Though I have not mastered the art of the eyebrow dance I am working diligently and would love any guidance one can give.

 Any hermits like to tell me how the order coffee without thoroughly confusing the poor fellow and paying a couple dollars more for a specialized drink you didn’t intend to order?

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Comment by JulesKillian on March 8, 2013 at 10:56am

That is completely and utterly hilarious. ‘ “Two cream," DRAMATIC PAUSE "One Sugar." '  I'll remember that, definitely weird out any and all coffee shop employees that take my order!

Comment by Sarah H on March 7, 2013 at 10:54pm

I used to work at a coffee shop, and there was a man who would come in every day at the same time and order the same drink, but he would strut up to the counter in a very distinctive way, with his hands on his hips (in his security guard uniform), and order in such a way that I still remember what he wanted, years later. 

He would stare off into the distance, and say "I'd like an extra large coffee..." at this point he would swing his head around to stare at me and say, "two cream" DRAMATIC PAUSE "one sugar." could try making your order into performance art?

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