I am sick and tired of your derogatory comments.

Warning: may contain mild swearing.

Jus a small pro-tip: IT IS NOT OKAY TO BE SEXIST.

The reason I’m writing this is because I’ve had enough of being treated like a lesser human because I happen to be a girl. This is the zillionth time someone reacted on a serious post of mine with some kind of reference to me being inferior because I’m a woman. I’m SICK of it.
Things I don’t want to hear, amongst others, is this:

"I’ll forgive you for that, but only because you have boobs."

Or this:

"I know what you mean, and actually I agree, but it doesn’t bode well for me to agree with a woman."

Or even this:

"How could you know, you’re a girl."


And the worst part? They get away with it. Everyone thinks they’re funny, and laughs and starts doing the same. If I dare say anything about it I get shot down for having no humour. Well, guess what.

It’s sexist and disrespectful.

It’s not because I’m in an almost all-boy class, that it’s okay for them to look down on me. In fact, I do my studies just as well, if not better. So if I ask a serious question regarding class on the school forum, I expect you to answer my question because I’m actually interested and want to know this, and I don’t need anyone to come swoop in with some kind of disrespectful comment on my gender. It makes me very uncomfortable and it just fucking pisses me off. And I swear if anyone ever dares saying such things to my face, or saying it to someone else in my presence, I’m gonna throw the nearest chair at their head.

You’re not making yourself popular. You’re not funny. You’re just a pig.

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Comment by Nirali Sheth on June 18, 2012 at 7:14pm

I feel bad for these people who think it's okay to be sexist. I mean, how on earth are they going to get a girlfriend? Or be in any sort of meaningful relationship with this attitude?

Comment by Fluffy on June 14, 2012 at 4:15am

umm...Men have boobs too...:-D

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