I cannot seem to fathom the stars into constellations

  I have both the potential to be writer and a poet ( basing on the fact that there is an actual difference between the two) yes, in my sky, thousands of stars lie, just waiting to be sculpted into constellations...into stories, per-say. For example, do you ever get those extremely vivid dreams (not to be confused with lucid dreams) in which you wish you could have recorded, and watched over and over again? well lately, i have had several of these dreams. from meeting famous actors and other admirations of mine, who surprisingly were exited to meet me, to a bunch of teenagers in a some what group who have animal powers, or something like that, who are constantly being chased--hunted if i may. Not saying that the first one would actually make a good book (hey, Im Jennifer Lawrence, I'm so glad to meet you! Me:... THE END :) ) but the whole teenage chase thing ( even though, its not that original) could make a good story. i had also written an outline for another story about a chick befriending a suicidal guy, and a bunch of other stuff. and most recently, i had written about a chapters worth of a story mainly about a kid of a sperm donor, searching for all his half siblings ( sperm donors can have over 100 kids at a time). and then there was my some what epiphany of a Brave New World (if you dont know what that book is, you need to go read it like, now!) moive trailer playing in my head, with John Lennon's "Imagine"  playing in the background.

      you see, to me at least, these all seem like potential great stories, but i can never gather my thoughts into actual make-sense, full fledged stories. this also happens when i attempt in writing a song. yes, i am a bit of an amateur, but can i not compose? but besides the fact, whenever i write a song, i always intend for it to be very strong, and passionate, but it always ends up sounding a picture something along the lines of if  taylor swift stopped singing about all the douches she dates, and actually wrote about something worth while. yeah, still pretty horrible right? another problem faced is when i have great lyrics, but poor chords (again, taylor swifts four note songs school of guitar) or great riffs/chords, but poor lyrics. this is an ongoing problem for me so far. i have but one good song i have written that i can actually stand, but it is still just ok. considering i am against most stereotypes i try my best to avoid living the life of one ( for example, the angsty, i-love-avril-lavigne kind of teen). i am kind of my own person, which is cool and all, dont have many insecurities and could care less about boys in high school. so go figure that an awesome person like me (come on, im not trying to be narcissistic, its called a joke) has all this awesome stuff stored up in her head, but cannot fathom this epicocity into something...something legible, perhaps. so to close, if you have any ideas of clearing my writers-not-necessarily-block-but-more-like-cannot-fathom-stars-into-constellations-syndrome, then please assist me. DFTBA! 

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