A response to Problematic and a defence of John Green

You know what time it is kids? It's.. Thomas couldn't think of anything important stuff to write about, so he's just going to refute some stuff about John Green. Yaaay! In all seriousness, there's this page lying around our interwebs, and felt since my last piece on John was generally well received, might as well give it another shot. If this is your first time reading one of my articles, then yes, my grammar is terrible.. That's what happens when you place a dyslexic in charge of writing articles.  Oh goody. 

~ That's nothing. ~

~ Should have seen what the chairman had written on his parking space ~

My bad jokes aside! Onto the first accusation. Actually, before we begin, I'm going to start with the bottom of the list, then move up too the top... Don't ask, I don't even know why myself.

  1. Quote from his book An Abundance of Katherines: “she was incredibly hot, in that popular-girl-with-bleached-teeth-and-anorexia kind of way, which was Colin’s least favourite way of being hot

    Yes, because the thoughts and characteristics of the characters in his book ought to represent his own beliefs or thoughts on a subject. If you didn't notice, that was sarcasm. What this writer seems to be suggesting is one of the biggest flaws one can find when they're writing. Putting too much of yourself into characters comes across as egoistical, it shows a lack of understanding or being able to imagine things from other peoples' points of view. Imagine if every single one of Johns characters had the seem traits, thoughts, wants and desires. Why on earth would we read his books? It would simply be the first rehashed and redressed in a different setting. So, does this attack have any basis too make John himself, problematic? Of course not, it's someone looking to add problems where none lie. Call the drama llamas, we got a troll 'ere.

  2. What a slut time is. She screws everybody.

    Do I even need to address this? The quote is taken from John Greens latest book: A fault in our stars. 
    I can perhaps see where the issue lies however, for example. It appears on the plain surface to be slut shaming. But add the context, and what do you get? A thought from a lassie who's dying from cancer. I'd be a bit peeved at time myself. Not to hark on with the same reasoning, but again this writer's making the assumption that because a character in his book has said something, he believes or agrees with it. Should I just paint the word, ' FICTIONAL! ' On every book heading to make sure someone knows their reading just that; fiction and not an autobiography. 

  3. He lured a woman into being alone with him under false pretenses.What if she had felt unsafe around him but agreed to see the movie because she thought a whole bunch of people would be there? It ended up working out, and they eventually got married, but it’s still a troubling and abusive behavior.

    Who are we too judge anyone on how they go about dating? Unless they're actively attempting to hurt or damage someone emotionally, what is the problem here? If his would-be wife felt unsafe, she could have easily cancel or gone home once she realised it would just be the two of them. This writer seems to be suggesting that his wife would be a damsel in distress, unable to decide to go or leave if she felt uncomfortable, which is a discredit to the lassie in question. For someone who is apparently raising their voice for women, he/she is undoubtedly discrediting the gender as weak minded. What irony. 

  4. Use of the word 'kafir' in An Abundance of Katherines

    Same old story here. Getting angry at John Green over his writing, is akin to banning Mark Twain's HuckleBerry Finn due to its racist remarks by the characters. These are fictional books. With fictional characters, I'm Autistic, and even I can understand this most basic concept.

  5. Defended Laci green after she made a video entitled 'Islam is Sexist' 
    I actually have the quote from John on this. Do tell me if you find anything objectionable within it ~Click me!
    He makes no excuses for Laci, merely calls for a level headed discussion on the subject. If you're a bit behind on this internet drama or don't know who Laci is, a wee summary.

    Laci's a rather outspoken Atheist vlogger and also teaches sex-ed through schools and on her channels. So, as you can imagine with the Atheist community on youtube, she had less than kind things to say about most faiths. It all kicked off after someone uncovered the fact that she used tranny in a defamatory manner, but then apologised and took the video down. That of course, didn't stop the death threats coming. 

    In the end however, should John have jumped on the bandwagon and demanded blood from Laci? I've heard people claim it's simply because Laci's white, that she was defended so much. Poppycock. People turning this into a race issue, or believe that people are uncaring to their plight are nothing more than moths to a candle. Stirring the pot when it's full to brim with headaches as it is. 

  6. The hipster fat shaming (like hipster racism, but fathsmaing) video in which he asks people to continue insulting and degrading him for his weight because it motivates him

    The writer does understand that no one else was fat shamed here, right? This was just himself. If he wants people to do that, they'll do it. Now, I can perhaps see the problem here also. By this instance, people might learn to try and apply it too other overweight people. I suppose it could be a problem, but then. That's a fault on those who then take this message away and apply it too people who've not asked for it. This isn't a fault on John's part. It's a fault on idiots.

    PS: this writer seems to be repeating themselves quite a bit, therefore I'm skipping other parts so as not too fall into the same trap.

  7. Made fun of an appropriated the important cultural holiday Cinco de Mayo by creating "Hanko De Mayo"

    How dare he have a sense of humour! How dare he make up a name for his brothers birthday! Bring me the first stick, I shall light the fire in which he shall burn unto death!
    Really. If you're going to create a piece containing problems, at least make it worth my time. I'm sorry, but this is like being in the playground. This is pathetically childish on the writers end. Look out folks, we've got a dumb-ass here... said the Autistic... to the apparently 'normal' person.

  8.  Commented on how nerd women are an under-utilized romantic resource instead of, you know, human beings

    I reckon people can remember the video, where John tells the boys watching the video - or even the Lesbians and/or others - that nerdy girls are great for romance. Besides the fact that it was clearly a joke, what's the big deal? Nerd girls are romantic from his experience, the horror? Yes, there's the risk that people could then objectify these girls or the traits in which he's describing. But then, this would be a fault again on the audience for not using their brain! Please, continue to suggest that we're brainless, sexist driven beasts who care not for the women in society. Oh yeah, that's really going to win you support.

    ~ Insert slow clap right about... here ~ 

  9. In the same video he shamed thin women / women with eating disorders and condemned those who’ve chosen to undergo cosmetic surgery

    He shamed them? The beauty and movie industry has built this perception that to be hot, or beautiful. One must have the right size of breasts. They need to have the right of waist. But John Green's the one shaming here? Golly gee willikers batman, who knew John was behind these image problems in society?  Bring the rope, we shall hang him from the tallest tree upon the tallest mountain!  

    In all seriousness. The beauty, fashion and movie industry has built a perception, at which point people are looked down upon unless they're one of the lucky few to have genetics or big money on their sides. Everyone else is left in the metaphorical dirt. But oh lordy, lord! How dare John question that notion. 

All in all, John's human like all of us. We can find fault in each of us, no one has a clean slate. No one is entirely pure. Well, besides the flying spaghetti monster. People could and likely will call this 'hero worship' on my part. But honestly, these accusations are pathetic. Also, there was this one in regards to him having molested a fan. To suggest such a thing without proof, evidence or substance is disgraceful. I call it nothing less than horrendous and purposely seeking to destroy or attack him personally. 

If you know of such a case, you go to the police. 

Not bloody tumblr.
Thou spleeny, clay-brained horn-beast!

Leave a comment if you disagree, agree or just want to talk about the subject.

Leave your own opinion on the drama in a comment, would love to see where each of us stands on the issue.

As always, I've been your dyslexic, autistic blogs admin!

Oh and one last thing I forgot to say:


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Comment by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on April 28, 2013 at 2:05pm

Our society's overall perfectionism has got to stop, seriously.

I suppose it's Human nature, the need for some form of ideal or another. Not that it's a bad thing, but people need to be open to knowing the fact that their 'heros' aren't perfect. Saying that, when you need to point something out, they have to stop expecting them to be perfect in the first place. Kinda silly to do otherwise. 

Comment by pickletomboy on April 27, 2013 at 3:21pm

I just discovered the "problematic" site myself, and it confuses me. Are people really under the impression that famous people have to be perfect and unobjectionable in every way in order to be worthy of our admiration and respect? I mean, I know there are idiots out there who think that just because someone's music is played on the radio or they starred in a Hollywood movie they can do no wrong and all their opinions on everything must be accepted without question... but we shouldn't be encouraging that kind of attitude by going all "OMG" every time a well-known person makes a mistake. 

Our society's overall perfectionism has got to stop, seriously.

Comment by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on April 26, 2013 at 6:16pm

/Especially/ because more than half of these quotes are from characters and not John himself.

If we're going to moan about authors due to the words or thoughts of their characters, she/he must hate Mark Twain.

Comment by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on April 26, 2013 at 6:14pm

See, the accusations were clearly written by someone wanting to be offended, so they'd have something to talk about.

Well, I'd say it was written less by someone looking to be offended, and more by someone craving attention. After all, why go after celebs if not for that reason? You may as well go for less famous people if you're simply out to slander people. 

John's said exactly the same thing about nerd boys!

Yup, but don't tell the drama queens that. They'll move on to moan about something else. 

Comment by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on April 26, 2013 at 6:11pm

And after rereading it again I realized that it said unite

See, I used that picture thinking it said untie, myself. Only for to now realised it was spelt correctly. Now that there, that's funny. 

Comment by Amy Lassiter on April 26, 2013 at 6:05am
It's annoying how people are constantly scrutinizing what other people say just so they can find something to be mad at. /Especially/ because more than half of these quotes are from characters and not John himself. Even when they do quote John, there really isn't a problem with what he said. wow just can they not
Comment by Brendan O'Donnell on April 25, 2013 at 1:11pm

See, the accusations were clearly written by someone wanting to be offended, so they'd have something to talk about. I've seen a hell of a lot of John's videos, and read some of his writing (not enough yet, working on it!), and you get a feel for when he's being serious, when he's being sarcastic or ironic, or when he's just making a joke. Even with regards to the use of the word 'anorexia' in his fiction, anyone who's really paying attention realises he's not referring to someone who actually has a genuine case of anorexia (which is by all accounts a horrible thing to go through), but to that borderline undernourished look the media seems to love, that's causing anorexia and bulimia in many cases. Oh, and with regards to the nerd-girl comment? They are an under-utilised romantic resource, and if my fiancé is anything to go by, they appreciate the recognition of that fact - because it means they are being seen as human beings, rather than just weirdos! And I would like to point out on the same front - John's said exactly the same thing about nerd boys! I forget the name of the video, but it was one of the first I ever saw and I remember that part very well! His point? Nerds are attractive too! Nothing sinister about it, just saying that everyone has the potential to prove themselves awesome, if we give them the chance!

Comment by Bailey F. on April 24, 2013 at 7:42pm

I reread that shirt for the longest time trying to figure out what was wrong with the shirt. Then I noticed it said "untie."

And after rereading it again I realized that it said unite. I really wonder sometimes...

Comment by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on April 23, 2013 at 4:07am

You're lucky to have the bloody forums admin to check your spelling, grammar, and otherwise do your work for you, Thom. ;D

When the Scot relies on the Israeli for grammar and spelling, you know the education system failed someone xD

Comment by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on April 23, 2013 at 4:06am

Also, if someone falsely accuses John (or anyone) of sexual assault, harassment, etc., publicly (such as a major social network like Tumblr), and with no evidence, he could sue for libel/ slander. Think how his book sales would plummet if that rumour got out.

I'd imagine that's why the accusation was stricken from the link. Reckon lawyers or something got involved at any rate.

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