One, its the day I renew my internet...dose not give B.T the right to give me crappy service for one night only! I mean this like there warning?..."If you don't pay, its going to get worse! exeunt ghost of B.T"

Two, I am just back from a holiday...why do teachers assume I have all my work and would just love to do some extra?....School to me is a break from holidays, Holidays are times when you are aloud to stay up to 4 am reading a nights are nights you "accidentally" do this...

Three, I have a passion for all things mythological or classical, why dose my english teacher assume I know all the Hamlet references? and why dose he get upset when i rant about what he asks...well he did ask about the gods of classical work, I just though he should be given the full picture...

Four, And why, most of all do people put "I am Dyslexia" , "I love books" and "I writing a book" together and still assume that I cant speak...having people talk to you in single syllable very frustrating at the best of times.

Anyway, Today wasn't all bad...well the past few-days have been amazing, I found a first edition copy of Domes of Fire by David Eddings and I am thrilled! I was so sad to hear he passed away, I cant really accept it.... Secondly I have made a break through on my writers block so YEYE! Now all I have to do is keep writing and avoid the block...and tomorrow is wednesday, which means double english first thing then free!

See you folks...when something of interesting comes up or when i get bored again! ( I really need to write a schedule)


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