Hi, I'm Snow Yellow, princess of Emanygdod. I was a jaundiced baby, okay? That's why I got my name.

Basically, my stepmother's trying to kill me. Nice of her, am I right?

I'm not gonna lie, I can be an annoying so and so at the best of times, but this goes way deeper. Tsk, that's top secret, you're not allowed to know.

So I ran away, and ended up here in this little cottage, with a group I like to call the seven drunks. Fluffy, Techie, Ditzy, Snappy, Stoner, Gossip and Grin. They're nice people, but a little... common, as my father would say. We get by, although money is tight, and being under constant threat of death really does wonders for your blood pressure.

You probably think you've heard this story before.

You're wrong.

That's all I'm prepared to give away for now.

May the Fairy Queen smile on you (MTFQSOU)

Snow Yellow

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Tags: evil, fairies, fairytale, silly, snow, stepmother, story, yellow


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Comment by black raven on September 7, 2010 at 8:57pm
Nice. Does this story have an end?

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