Hi! I am a new nerdfighter and I wanted to try blogging. I am not exactly sure what you are suppose to to do in a blog so here is my attempt.

I am a senior in high school and that means colleges. I properly get about 15 things from colleges a week in the mail and that's not counting emails and phone calls. I mean I really don't know exactly where I want to go but it has to be cheap because my parents don't have much in savings. So I get a lot of sucky mail. I think that the important

decision of which college to go to shouldn't be a spaming fest. The spam I get will propery not help me decide where to go. It just makes me annoyed. So yeah. That was my attempt at blogging please tell me how I did. Thanks and DFTBA, Hannah.

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Comment by Tamhas ~ Admin ~ on November 2, 2011 at 12:18pm

Bloggity blog blog blog!
Honestly, there's no art to a good blog. Just enjoy yourself, and type what you want. Freeedom o' expression beh a good thing, right? xD 


But as it were, welcome to Nerdfighteria.
All your bases are belong to us! 

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