woooo so it was the first episode of the new series of Dr if you havent seen it dont read this unless you want possible spoilers :P

Right from the the new intro, hate the new theme tune, hate the new logo...

loved Matt from the first second of the episode. He's so different but at the same time he's got the quirky chirpy madness of 10, who i adore.

Amy Pond...omg i love young Amy line ever in the episode"You're Scottish....fry something" thank goodness the Doctor hasn't developed a love of pears...however i couldnt help but shout at the tv while he was eating fish fingers and custard "TEN WOULD HAVE EATEN BANANA CUSTARD!!" and i looked over at the pot of banana custard id had for dessert :)also loved the little comment about "timey-wimey stuff" i did cheer at that moment

the plot of "The Eleventh Hour" was made of awesome ...i love how the doctor and Amy almost had a "Girl in The Fireplace thing going on.was rather funky, but to be honest that was to be expected as Moffat does write the best miss RTD a bit though :(

erm.....the sticking point for me...i really dont like the inside of the tardis...fair enough-shiny new doctor needs shiny new tardis and the last one was a bit old and run down and tired like 9 was after the timewar...but i miss the control room of the old one...there are some good points however after watching dr who confidential....loving the idea of there being stairways to others and the little bit underneath the control area where the heart of tardis is kinda cool

another point...GREEN SONICSCREWDRIVER??????? WTF

anyway thats the only major downsides....

still missing 10...Tennant will always be my fave doctor butr i love 11 and cant wait to see the rest of Matts adventure in the Tardis...even if i dont like its new look.

:) bring on the rest of the series :)

"whats that?"
"it's a duck pond"
"why aren't there any ducks?"
"i dont know"
"well how do you know its a duck pond then?"

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Comment by sabelmouse on April 4, 2010 at 5:37am
finally a doctor i can like again. i had given up and hoped for permanent death before. did whatshisname ever get on my nerves.

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