Ningmasters and Mods Wanted? Definitely. Plus a new face to the team :D

Hey everyone,

I want to welcome Elliott to the Admin team who will be handling the neglected videos section. Being a Youtube-type-person he has a passion and a drive for created content which will carry over to our own section. He will be featuring Nerdfighter content on the main page, and through the NFinfo channel. If you want to have your work profiled and shown give him a shout!

After what feels like an age I have gotten around to putting something on the Youtube Channel and intend to do so far more often. I thought I'd start with something I have been meaning to put out there publicly for a while. NF Ning has garnered over ninety-two thousand people on its servers and despite that incredible number we have a total of 23 Administrators/Moderators. That is a ratio of 1:4000 which is ridiculous ha! We have sections we want to man with people who have a passion for what they are put in for.

If you spend a lot of time in a section and would like to contribute to it then please let us know! All interest will be considered even if the particular section does not have need for extra staff. Having more people who are passionate onthe site will undoubtedly make it even more awesome. You can contact me directly through my page or my Ning e-mail or even as a video response or contact one of the members of the section staff by checking out the Gen Info page. Hope to you hear from you friends, and as always, DFTBA!

Twitter: @DavidJohnsonNM


Dave J

(Operations Admin)

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Comment by Michelle on September 18, 2013 at 2:57pm

I can't believe you're still looking for a Books NM :( Where are all the bookish nerdfighters?! It shouldn't be this difficult. 

Anyway, I wrote a thing specifically for the site. I'll try to write something semi-regularly until you find someone else.

Comment by Elliott Edwards - Video Admin on September 8, 2013 at 8:39am

Great to be aboard kind sir! Thank you for accepting me into the team, it's great fun. Looking forward to promoting even more undiscovered film/video talent in the future ^-^

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