how could be no edge in the universe that is not really possible because in the big bang there was an expansion point so an ''edge'' or the nothing to something part that had to have an edge but it still confuses me that it keeps going and going that you never find it so theoricaly there is an edge...                                      or maybe.

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Comment by Alexander Johnson on April 16, 2012 at 3:08pm

Research "light cones". Basically an event at point A cannot have any effect on events at point B until light could have travelled from point A to point B. You can then define the universe as anywhere in space that could have been effected by the big bang. There is therefore a theoretical edge that is the edge of the big bangs's light cone that defines how much space could possibly have been effected by the big bang, but this is not a physical thing, especially since the big bang does not necessarily affect the area immediately within its light cone as the stuff of the universe slowed down from gravitational pull inwards, so it is merely a theoretical construct like the number 3 doesn't exist, it is a mathematical idea. So the universe really does not have an edge.

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