For some reason, this place scares me. ... actually, for NO reason, this place scares me. I discovered the vlogbrothers for realzies about a month ago (before that, I was just thinking "what the heck are nerdfighters? Are they people who fight nerds? Are they nerds who fight? That sounds awful! Who's this guy in the Tumblr gifs saying incredibly awesome stuff about love and homosexuality and not liking boys who want you to act stupid?") and as I slowly came to realize that I was a nerdfighter (specifically, because I WANTED to be), I slowly but surely made my way to this site.

I hesitated because of aforementioned FEAR.

I think, though, that the REASON for said fear (well, non-reason) was because of how INCREDIBLY awesome this place and its people and its mission are. And, frankly, I felt inferior. Okay, yeah, I hate worldsuck, but am I going out there and killing world hunger with my bare hands (read: wallet) or any of that... stuff that seems to make you an official nerdfighter? I didn't feel like I was made of awesome. I felt made of bones and skin. I felt unworthy. 

But, I'm here anyway. Why? Because I WANT to be made of awesome. I WANT to be the guy that reads every John Green book in the space of a week (yeah, remember that wallet I was talking about earlier? He hasn't been pulling his weight). I want to be the one who helps the relief effort in Indonesia (is there one yet? Can we work on that yet? That'd be nifty). I want to be a nerdfighter!

And, I have it on reasonable authority that that makes me one, so... hooray!

Thanks for having me. DFTBA!


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