Project 4 Awesome is in full swing and the results are already incredible. Last time I checked they had reached over $600,000 on the P4A website. As Nerdfighters I have no need to tell you about what this beautiful project is, and what it's about. But I can ask you to take a few minutes to view a few of the videos on offer promoting many worthy charities that desperately need donations.

I am not encouraging you to take up your wallets, piggybanks and purses and donate everything you own of course! Some people cannot afford to donate physical money, but by donating a bit of your time it is just as helpful. For every comment that is posted on the P4A videos a penny will by donated to the fund. The top ten videos will then see their charities gifted a portion of the proceeds. This is of course on top of the individual donations received by charities themselves.

So give the website a look and view, thumb up and comment as much as you can afford to and together we can help to eliminate World Suck that little bit faster. Below are a few videos from fellow Nerdfighters to get you started if you wanted somewhere to begin the epic journey that is P4A.


Sacrifices and Magic: Doctors without Borders - Kasooie (Fransisco)

Deworm the World - NathanandRose (Nathan and Rose)

National Alliance to End Homelessness - SkyheadStudio (Meg)

Thanks for reading and DFTBA!

Dave J

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Comment by Ayo Ranuh on January 4, 2014 at 12:42am
Altogether, we raised more than 1.5 M USD!

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