Hey, so this is the prologue for my animated series, 'Planetoid', but in written form *shocked face*.
I could probably do with some editing, but here it is anyway.
enjoy and tell me what you think :D


The thing with humans is that, after they are born, they have some time to adjust to their bodies, their minds and the world before they even start to function properly. They grow accustomed to how their arms move, and how their legs walk. They aren’t born into a fully working body, or mind, straight away.
I never had that luxury.
All I remember is…nothingness, quickly followed by sudden somethingness. There’s no better way to possibly explain it. My unexpected existence caught me off guard and I found myself petrified. I didn’t move as I saw for the first time. I didn’t flinch as, instantly, my brain was receiving thousands of messages a nanosecond. I just stood very, very still. And waited.
I couldn’t tell you what it was, exactly, I was waiting for, but it kept me in suspense. I didn’t blink. I’m not even sure if I knew how too. My mind wasn’t still, though. It was racing faster than I could comprehend, trying to make sense of what was happening.
And still, I stood.

I was in an abyss. Darkness, flecked with white holes, reached in to grab me from all directions. I felt claustrophobic in the expanse. It was absolute infinity. I blinked, which surprised me, and I unintentionally jerked backwards and I found myself a mess of flailing limbs as I unsuccessfully tried to prevent myself from falling. I hit the ground; a hard, metal surface that arced beneath me to form a large sphere. I recall looking at it, and thinking ‘green’.
And I still don’t know how, or why, I knew what ‘green’ was. As I had never used my arms or legs before, or anything else for that matter, I found myself laying there, wondering what green was while testing each possible nerve, each possible muscle, trying to find out which does what.
It took me a long time before I could move my left arm, and when it did, it flailed around like an unleashed monster. I stopped trying to move my left arm.
Now that I was starting to grow comprehensive of what I was, from the inside, other questions began to form. Mainly what I was from the outside. Slowly, I tried to sit up. Constantly having to think about which strand of thought moved which part of me.
After what seemed like an age, I was finally upright, and I started to take in my surroundings once more. The large sphere that I was on, hanging in the middle of nothingness, had a strange formation to my left. It was like a pole, with a large, messy mass atop it, and there was a lump beside me. It was brown, and it was just shorter than me while I was sitting. I could only just see them past the curve of the small planet I had found myself on.
After an even longer expanse of time, riddled with errors and missteps, I found myself standing once more. Eager to have a closer look at the brown mass beside me, I cautiously lifted one of my feet and instantly lost my balance, and fell down once more. As I hit the ground, something happened. I’m not sure what it was then, and I still don’t know now. Brief images flashed before my eyes, of a girl lying down, in a bed, staring at me. Her face was upright because, I, too, was lying in the bed. We were talking. I couldn’t understand the words exactly, but I knew what we were talking about.
The future, and where we stood in it.
As fast as it appeared, the vision was gone, and I found myself lying on the small planet once more. I blinked profusely, trying to see if it would come back, but it was gone. In that brief few seconds, I was introduced to a whole range of emotions I hadn’t expected, or known, and it took a little while for me to recover. My heart seemed to swell with love and pride, though I wasn’t sure why. What was this vision? Who was this girl?
Was it me? My life before this planetoid? Was she my true love? I couldn’t be sure, but the questions still pounded my already reeling mind as I slowly stood back up again, a lot more sure-footed than previous attempts. I shambled over to the brown mass, I later found to be called a ‘boulder’. There wasn’t much special about it, but I had never seen anything else like it in my brief existence, obviously, so I was intrigued. Somehow, curiosity made me lift up the form, only a fraction, to see if anything lay beneath. To my surprise, something did. A hole, perfectly circular, hidden by the rock seamlessly, hid what appeared to be a vessel of some sort. A shuttle. Which fascinated me. I stared at it for some undefined amount of time, as there was no way to measure its passing, before I finally laid the boulder back down, and began to scour the rest of the floating orb. There was nothing more. Only the rock, the tree, the rocket and myself.
I felt…odd.
Lonely, even.
I would not have known any different if it had not been for the vision of that girl. That…beautiful girl.
The blackness was even more so now. As open as this infinity was, it was cage that encased me and my soul yearned to be free. All I had was this globe that I could roam.
I recall then, as nothingness began to drift past, seeing something in the corner of my eye. I turned, but whatever it had been, was gone. Yet it remained in the corner of my vision. This had momentarily confused me until I realized it was, in fact, a part of me. My hands had fumbled upwards until they lay upon an orb that was tethered to the top of my head, emitting a green light. I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed this before, and began to speculate what other things about me I am still yet to learn.
It was then, as I looked deep into the green light emitted from the beacon dangling from atop my head that a speck in the distance caught my attention. I looked up, and, at first, all I saw was the dark abyss, until, slowly, I realized that, not too far away, was another sphere, with another tree, another rock and another…me?
I wasn’t sure at first, as it was concealed by darkness, but the figure seemed to awaken, their light began to shine a dark green, revealing a…well…being.
I couldn’t explain what it was, it was purple and…female, but I didn’t care. All the loneliness was gone in an instant, replaced by the boiling pit of pure hope. Hope that pushed me for what must’ve been days, teaching myself how to jump, only never being able to jump nearly far enough. Hope that drove me crazy when I couldn’t get to her.
Hope that would destroy everything I knew.

I knew it was there. The whole time. It was sitting there, like a parasite, in the back of my mind. The rocket. It intimidated me. I was afraid. Afraid and alone. And desperate.
After I had exhausted all other options, I gave in. I had been lying down, staring up at her, longing.
I gave in. By then, I was almost unsure why I had been afraid of the vessel. Driven by loneliness, I pulled back the boulder, fully revealing the craft for the first time. It was very basic, not that I knew any better then. It began to slowly rise above the surface of the sphere, and, through the seams, I saw the inner workings of the planetoid. Even though I already knew, it somehow startled me to know that the entire globe I called home was a machine.
And there it stood. Red. Tall. Plain. I clambered inside to find only one button, two lights and space just enough for me. I was unsure. What happens if I can’t get back? The little planet, all that I knew, gone forever? I didn’t feel…secure.
But I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t not know if this rocket took me to her. My hand reached out for the button, hesitating only momentarily, before activating the vessel that could take me anywhere in the abyss.
All I hoped for was her.
All I knew was the planet.
All I felt was fear.

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Comment by Zirror on July 23, 2010 at 1:34pm
God damn it, I didn't read the prologue here yet, but I watched the first episode of your series on newgrounds and it just blew me away.
Kudos to you, seriously, you have some talent.
I'm going to watch the whole thing when I calmed down from all the awesome.
Then I'm going to read the prologue!

You obviously didn't FTBA!

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