I know I posted this in the video section, but I really enjoyed making this video.  It came out of desperation...ok, not desperation, but i was having a hard time figuring out what i should do for my VEDA vlog, and i just sat down with a pen and paper and this came out.  I'm not one to write poetry, and if i do it is usually in strict forms and set structures, but this felt right.  I'll post the actual poem below, if anyone wants to check it out.  thanks.  DFTBA.

Poem for a Fangirl

Today, on the VEDA day,

New day, all the way,

Almost gone

I say hello.

Yesterday there were 27

Fires burning, collating

The thoughts in my



Brainware home

Now after 28 suns—moons—flicks of paper

We’re almost done.


I gather words and scatter verbs

I bask in the eternal—vernal—

Flickering of lives—shots—almost was

Happenings of home.

I am here



Imprisoned in the could’ve beens—cultural has beens—

Of past lives.


My battle cry

Is the hushed sigh

Of fangirls worldwide.

My armor—trench coat

My sword—a wand

And a screwdriver—sonic—lights my way.


You shall not pass

Without invitation

You shall not cross

The salt circle

You shall not doubt

He exists and is smarter than us all

You shall

You will

You have to forget that twilight

Calls with insipid siren song.


Listen instead to the vroop vroop

Of distant blue light

Run! Towards the slow slip of

British, Australian,


Crashing through our walls.


No I

No you

Just united—one voice—

One hope

That dreams are more than

Psychic dusting

Upon a written page—

Players’ stage—

Space age

Scribbles on our walls.


This is the cry

Of the mighty tumblrs

Fighting against the crazy hipsters,


8-armed squid-like complainers

Who criticize

What we fantasize

Realize, and create.


This is the cry

Of one girl—in one room—

Who thinks that change comes

In pages, words, dreams.

This is me on day

28 of VEDA

Wishing you the best

Till the sun flips—moon changes—

And a Time Lord brings us home.

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