ERG! Okay, so it says on my profile that I was born in 1997, but I was actually born in 1998. I guess you're not allowed to be a nerdfighter if you're under 13 (though I'll be thirteen in less than two months) . However, John and Hank said themselves that you can't be too young to be a nerdfighter, and that says something negative about Nerdfighteria in my opinion. Not the fact that being young doesn't matter, but that despite that, people under thirteen aren't allowed to be nerdfighters. So, whoever decided that, this is for you: *bites thumb in your general direction*

On a more hilarious note, this is something for fans of Hetalia and/or people who speak Finnish. Apparently, there's a word or phrase in Finnish that is pronounced sort of like "pupukupu" that means "bunny dome". "Pupukupu" is also one of the many ways that the awesome Prussia (from the anime Hetalia) laughs. So Prussia likes bunny domes? IDK I'm procrastinating. I should be packing for a camp called the Soup. My female parental unit is required to accompany me, because due to reasons I keep forgetting, there has to be an adult in charge of every child under fifteen. Blaaaaaargghh. I dun wanna paaack! Okay, to prevent attacks from giant squids of anger, I'll stop whining. Ciao, and don't forget to be awesome!!!


(P.S. Here is where I found the pupukupu thing. That word is SO fun to say.)

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