Yiss! You guessed right. That thing you do when you have stuff in your to do list, but don't do your important stuff because laziness, or some other damn thing posesses your body: you play videogames, watch youtube videos, you tweet, you facebook, you tumble, you clean your room, you go for a snack, you watch the telly, you, you, you, you do, do, do, do. Everything. BUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!

And yes, you guessed right. I AM procrastinating. I really hate it, I really do. And really, I don't know how to stop it. It's a really bad habit, because I feel time FLYING and creeping up on me. And I panic. Maybe I like that little adrenaline rush of doing things at the last minute? I don't know. But when you give me a lot of time to complete certain task, chances are I will do it the last minute. Or not at all, worst case scenario. What the fuck is wrong with me? At this pace, no one will want to team up with me for group works at uni. Oh, dear. I really had to write about it, because it's been in my head for quite a while already, I needed to get that out. It's a suck I need to fight against.

Do you identify? Post a comment if you want, and DFTBA! :3

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Comment by Samantha on November 19, 2012 at 8:41am

I have a habit of doing things at the last minute, mainly with papers. I won't write a paper until it's due tomorrow. But this generally works well for me. You see, I consider myself a writer. As a result, I over analyze every piece of writing that I do. Leaving a paper to do at the last minute means that I don't have time to second-guess my narrative choices. When I second-guess, I change a lot and I generally get lower scores on my papers. Most of the time, when I write it at the last minute, I don't even read through what I've written. I just do a quick spell-check and hit print.

Like I said, this works for me because, when I have time to actually THINK about what I've written, I go through the stages of:

1. I see there are a few errors. I shall fix those.

2. These sentences need to be flipped. Wait, now it doesn't make sense. I'll just rewrite it.


eventually it gets to

3. I am such a horrible writer. I'll probably fail this anyway.

It's just a whole downward spiral.

The moral of the story is, procrastination works for me in certain situations. However, I wouldn't suggest you do it ALL the time. That could be potentially dangerous if you keep putting things off later and later until it gets to the point where you didn't do the work at all.

I know that sounds a bit confusing. I hope you got something out of this comment.


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