Real Life. A List.

Bills, Payments, Loans, Fees, Charges, Interest rates, remembering family birthdays, chores, work, gas money, driving, cleaning, drama, fighting, issues, problems, finances, struggle, debt, credit cards, bank accounts, plastic, fake, suicide, explosions, darkness, black, bleak, dim, dull, bored.

Real Life. A Math Problem.

If I work 30 hours a week and get paid $7.25 an hour, I get paid every two weeks, I have $600 in monthly bills, I have $300 loan payment every three months, I have a $200 credit card payment each month, I need $40 in groceries each month, I need $80 in gas each month, and I'm trying to save $100 a month to have enough for an apartment for myself and two roommates. The Question is: How much debt will I be in by June?

Real Life. A Discussion.

I feel trapped in a downward spiral. My emotional life is bland, my financial life is bleak, and my physical life is struggling. With little to no emotional connectivity with anyone nearby, it makes my workout routine feel dull, and makes me overthink my finances and debts which makes me just want to cry and be lazy. 

Anyone know a good solution to this kind of depression? And I know it will get better, but it won't get better tomorrow, so don't bullshit me and tell me to wait it out, I want to know what I can DO to make my life more productive.

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