Republicans leaders are obsessed with beating Obama.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have both ardently attacked President Obama's proposal to create jobs. Their biggest complaint is that it won't create jobs. Why? Part of the bill will directly create jobs. The part involving the construction needed on many schools, roads, and bridges will certainly create jobs. There's also the part that gives tax breaks to job creators. That will give incentive to lower unemployment a little more indirectly. There are other plans, but these seem to be the primary focus.


To pay for this, Obama has proposed trillions in spending cuts and a repeal of the Bush tax cuts that lowered income tax on the most wealthy from 39.6% to about 35%. Those cuts were ridiculous when you consider that in the Eisenhower era the highest tax bracket paid more than 90% on their income tax. This plan will merely take the top bracket back to 39.6%. So, people making $500,000 a year will pay $198,000. Leaving them $302,000 for state taxes and company deductions. Only $302,000! Those poor bastards. What will they do? Mind you, this isn't taking money from the company these people might be running. This is a tax on personal income. If they keep the money in their company, it isn't taxed nearly as much. Alas, their personal greed will be taxed.


Now, Boehner and McConnell (and every other Republican, Republican strategist, and right-wing voice) have claimed that increasing income taxes on the rich will hurt job creation. On what are these claims based? Nothing. In fact, the unemployment rate seems inversely proportional to taxation on the rich. The less we tax the rich, as is the trend over the last ten years, the higher unemployment rises, as is also the trend over the last ten years. So, if indeed there is some causation occurring between income taxes and jobs, it would seem to imply that we should raise taxes on the rich to help create jobs. Therefore, what the hell are Boehner and McConnell talking about? They are Republican, which tends to mean that they must support the idea of smaller government, even to the detriment of the American people, but there is another motivation. They would love nothing more than to make Obama fail at yet another attempt to make a proposal that acts as a compromise, since it would fuel their political agenda.


I'm just sick of this shit.

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Comment by Alyssa Batchelor on December 7, 2011 at 11:08pm

of course they would love to see obama fail, that's their first and only priority. this "do nothing" congress does everything in its power to stop any liberal leaning bills pass through, but they're all dumbasses. they need to learn to compromise.

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