I'm a Pastafarian. Now, one of the main reasons that I became a Pastafarian is because I believe that religion should not be taught in schools alongside evolution. If Christianity, say, was being taught in schools then therefore Pastafarianism should be taught in schools, and then kids make their choice between the three. Now the reason it shouldn't be taught in schools is because schools are there to teach the scientifically proven, empirically based theorems, ideas etc. So therefore, teaching Christianity, specifically Intelligent design is against why schools are there because it's not empirical scientifically proven beliefs. It's not science at all. If it is being taught in schools, then my beliefs should also get the same amount of time in the classroom.

What do you think?

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Comment by Christopher J. Cater on October 8, 2010 at 9:09pm
Flying spaghetti monsters aside, Most school that teach Christianity do not teach evolution. this is a choice the parents of the child have made. Really I wish that children could have made for themselves but what ya going to do. Yes I believe that everything and all options (aside from “religions” that would do harm, ie: suicide cults) should be presented to the young when they are at their most influenceable. Most school that teach both teach religions as part of a world religions class. I do believe Pastafarian was covered in my philosophy class in high school. They were both taught by the same guy, there was just so many religions that we couldn’t fit them all into one semester long class.
If kids want/feel the need for a religious aspect they should look to fellow students, family and their community. My last high school had a christian fellowship, Muslim fellowship(I don’t recall if they called it a fellow ship) and even a pagan fellowship. As long as you could find a class room and a senior student to help run it they allowed it.

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